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New Organ: Chapel of Reconciliation

We have built a new organ for the chapel of reconciliation (part of the berlin wall memorial). Please find further information such as specification and pictures on our organ site.

Concert church Neubrandenburg

The new organ of the concert church Neubrandenburg is finished and was handed over to the public with a concert series. Please have a look at our organ page for more information and photos.

Our Projects

Take a look at our projects directory. On this pages we publish pictures and detailed information of many organs, that were built, reworked or restored by our workshop.

Latest News

Read the latest articles of the everyday work in our workshop.

About us

From the joy of building organs ...
60 years Karl Schuke Berlin organ workshop, that is 60 years organ building in Berlin, a period with many political and economic changes.

Our commitment was always based on "the joy of building organs," as Karl Schuke once said. This is what our development in the organ building trade has built on and determined our production in all its parts; and, of course, all employees were involved in this philosophy.

Each time creates its own values, which take up traditions and experiences of the past, but also consider current requirements and developments. Good practice should also be critically scrutinized, so as not to stop at a stage of development that is no longer considered satisfactory in the present and especially in the future.

In the history of organ building, musical authenticity has always played a central role. Since, however, the sound ideal and the respective building principles were and are subject to constant change, not infrequently even technically mature solutions were rejected at a later date, while in the following epoch they were again recognized as exemplary.

The convincing balance between the continuation of proven principles and the willingness to innovate is artistically as well as technically a trademark of the Karl Schuke Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt. The wide range of our instruments ranges from chests and house organs to church organs of all sizes and large concert hall organs. Likewise, the areas of restoration, alterations, repairs and maintenance, including archival research, are among the fields of activity of our specialists. Thus we stand in continuous, fruitful exchange with our clients and many well-known organ players and can contribute to the fact that new ideas, sound ideas and suggestions are taken up and linked to the great traditions and experiences of organ building.

The Karl Schuke Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt has built more than 550 new instruments for domestic and foreign countries, as well as restorations and a number of larger conversions.