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Karl Schuke Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt

Welcome to Karl Schuke Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt world !!

The Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt (Berlin organ manufacture), with its more than 500 organs and over 8,500 stops, has acquired over the last 50 years a name that has been internationally recognized as in Germany, too. It is here that instruments of varying size and purpose have been designed and built; university organs for instructive purposes, resident organs, Positivs and chest instruments, concert hall organs with over 90 stops and up to 6 keyboards – always built with mechanical tone action – and more than 350 church organs. Restoration is also a major part of our work.

With this homepage we would like to introduce you to several of our recent instruments, which, along with our organ manufacture, have attracted extensive acclaim. This acclaim is also due to a number of outstanding organists, who have made these organs play an important role not only in the musical life of individual congregations, but also in concert halls all over world.

The sound and technical concept of every organ are unique and so our studio must maintain a rather multi-facetted profile. Three to four years passing between the award of the contract and the delivery of the instrument is not unusual.

It is our tradition to consult organists, specialists and architects, whose ideas continually remain an integral part of the organ construction process. The architectural and acoustic particularities of the respective project are then taken into consideration, in an effort to further develop the relationship between the organ’s design and its musical and aesthetic potential.

One of our main principles is to get to know the special atmosphere and location for each new instrument we construct. We believe that the design of the organ to an interior, its acoustic concept and its technical structure are all equally essential to its completion and character. Under these initial principles the instrument develops its own dynamics in its process of manufacture, to which the individual engagement of our employees all contribute. Each instrument develops thus its own character and takes over a certain place in the history of our company.

The incomparable atmosphere that an organ provides the space in which it is located is our design and manufacturing goal. We look forward to meeting this challenge through our willingness to achieve, our manual skills and versatile experience.

Werkstatt, Karl Schuke Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt GmbHIf you happen to be in Berlin, please feel welcome to visit our workshop in Zehlendorf district.

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